October 17, 2019

Reader Story: Bio Mom and Dad Pay Nothing – Guardian Stuck With All Bills

My husband and I have custody of my husband’s cousin’s 2 children.  Bio mom and bio dad are not together. They both do not pay child support but are ordered to do so.  They are in arrears upwards $25,000.  The courts refuse to do anything. Bio father in and out of prison for other mean, horrible crimes.  Bio mother has been receiving Social Security but her claim may be fraudulent and benefits terminated.

I have to go to court next month and I was told by someone at DSS that the child support would stop and the arrears could too.  These parents have literally TRIED their BEST to proove themselves incapeable of taking care of these wonderful children and NOW is my chance to finally , finally terminate all rights they have, hopefully…thats all we want.  After all of these years of stupid courts.  The children deserve more out of life than what they started with.