October 17, 2019

Man Who Fathered 30 Children Wants Reduction of Child Support

I ran across this article/video on Tennessee TV station W-REG entitled TN Man Fathers 30 Children: Can’t Support Any.

According to this report, 33 year old Knoxville resident Desmond Hatchett has children with 11 different women.  The state child support recovery office takes half his minimum wage paycheck and divides it up.   Some of the mothers receive as little as $1.49 a month. The oldest child is 14 years old.

Hatchett acknowledges that he fathered four kids in the same year – twice.

In 2009, Hatchett appeared in court for failure to pay child support and he promised  to change his behavior.  However, he has produced nine more babies during the past three years.  Mr. Hatchett has not broken any Tennessee laws with his behavior.

Mr. Hatchett has not filed a claim for disability, but if he does in the future and is awarded benefits, Social Security could be on the hook for both his benefits as well as tens of thousands of dollars each year for auxiliary benefits.

What, if anything, should the state of Tennessee do about Mr. Hatchett’s irresponsible behavior?  Should the women Mr. Hatchett sleeps with bear any responsibility for this situation?

How Should Courts Balance the Needs of Custodial Parents with the Financial Reality of a Disabled Non-custodial Parent

Conflict in a familyThe comments and questions I receive on this site essentially fall into two camps.  On one hand, the custodial parents (usually the mom) argue as follows:

What about the MOM of the CHILD or whoever else is taking care of your child? Is she/he on a fixed income? I’m sure being the only person taking care of your child, it is tight so y r u so special that you shouldn’t have to pay just because u r on a fixed income? If you are BEHIND in Child Support then u SUCK!! Period.

On the other hand, the non-custodial parent (usually a dad) writes with arguments like this:

During the time I was out following three heart attacks my support got in arrears. I was taken to court. From the get go I was treated like a criminal. Later I filed for SSDI and after 3 years and multiple denial a judge approved me. I am 20k behind now. My benefits letter states i will recieve $900 a month, a vast sum of money to try and live on I know. But minus the $550 a month for arrearages makes it better. So after all I get $350 an month to exist on. Personally I would rather be able to work, because $350 isn’t worth what you go through to get it. There’s a lot of predjudice against people when they say they are disabled. What some people don’t see or won’t accept is some of us are forced into disability.
I never expected to get enough from SSDI to “live” on, but I did expect enough to survive on.

Then there are the cynical readers:

Child support should be taken from both parents equally put into a monitored account and a debit card should be given to the custodial parent, all money used with account would be tracked. Now adays child support is used as a way of getting free money for travels new cars hanging out at the malls and nothing to do with the kids.

Are there any fair solutions?  What do you think?

Are All Delinquent Child Support Payers “Deadbeat Dads?”

Parents swear, and children suffer 2Are fathers who fall behind on child support payments always “deadbeat dads?”   Some fathers (and their new spouses) argue that the custodial mom can be the villain in child support disputes.   But does this attitude fairly contemplate the real life burden of raising children.

A blog reader named Arlene says that her husband’s ex-spouse is using her three kids as pawns to express anger towards her ex-husband.  I wonder what the custodial mom would have to say about this?

What about mothers who won’t work with the fathers to make sure their kids are taken care of ?  My husband worked 2 jobs and no matter how much he made child support always wanted more.  At one point she wasn’t getting the money that was garnished and blamed him instead of trying to find out where the money was going.   She would rather my husband look like the bad guy to his 3 kids.  Fathers are not always dead beats sometimes the mothers make it impossible.