October 17, 2019

Are All Delinquent Child Support Payers “Deadbeat Dads?”

Parents swear, and children suffer 2Are fathers who fall behind on child support payments always “deadbeat dads?”   Some fathers (and their new spouses) argue that the custodial mom can be the villain in child support disputes.   But does this attitude fairly contemplate the real life burden of raising children.

A blog reader named Arlene says that her husband’s ex-spouse is using her three kids as pawns to express anger towards her ex-husband.  I wonder what the custodial mom would have to say about this?

What about mothers who won’t work with the fathers to make sure their kids are taken care of ?  My husband worked 2 jobs and no matter how much he made child support always wanted more.  At one point she wasn’t getting the money that was garnished and blamed him instead of trying to find out where the money was going.   She would rather my husband look like the bad guy to his 3 kids.  Fathers are not always dead beats sometimes the mothers make it impossible.