October 17, 2019

Should Mom Cut Disabled Dad Some “Slack” for Past Due Child Support?

Difficult choiceShould a custodial parent “cut some slack” to a non-custodial parent who is disabled and unable to work?  Child support orders that are based on a father’s pre-disability income will be untenable when the non-custodial dad cannot work.   The disabled father may not have the funds to hire a lawyer to go back to court to ask for  a modification, and the delinquency balance will grow and grow.   As a number of disabled fathers have reported, a child support delinquency resulting from an unexpected medical condition and loss of income can result in a wholesale forfeiture of both the lump sum and part of the monthly disability award. Is it reasonable to ask custodial parents to help the fathers of their children, or should the child support awards be fully enforced?

Here a woman named Patty weighs in.  Do you agree with her take?

I think lots of women take advantage when a man is down and out and is disabled. I believe that yes they should take care of their children but what they can afford monthly based on disability income. They should also look at the reasons why that person is behind maybe he could not work for a few years and maybe the mother wouldn’t tell them where their child was and he just happened to stumble on where she lived. Also the Grandmother who has placement told him not to worry about child support and now she is worried and thats just what the mother said but the man stated that if they need any help then he would help if he has the money. Come on women quit being so money hungry. Oh yes by the way, I am a woman stating this.