January 24, 2020

Read this First – How to Use this Blog

Back in April, 2009, I wrote a post on my Social Security disability blog about the question of whether a parent who is owed child support can turn to the Social Security Administration to collect that support.  Based on the number of comments and questions I received, this is a very important topic, so I set up a separate blog just about this issue.

Many of the comments and questions come from custodial parents (usually moms) who have not been receiving their child support and who have discovered that the non-custodial parent has received or is about to receive either a lump sum payment from Social Security or on-going benefits.

I also receive comments and questions from disability recipients who are facing a seizure of their disability payments and who argue that their monthly check is small to begin with and that a seizure of these benefits is entirely unfair.

I also get a lot of questions about auxiliary benefits (sometimes known as dependent’s benefits).  Often these questions inquire whether custodial parent can apply for benefits on behalf of a child even when the claimant has no contact with the child and may live in a different state with a new family.

The purpose of this blog is to set out as clearly as possible the law on this issue.  Over the coming weeks I will talk to domestic relations lawyers as well as child support recovery professionals.   Please feel free to post comments and email me questions.  I will not be able to offer specific legal advice but I hope to use this blog to offer general information and to make qualified referrals if appropriate.  If you believe that I have made a mistake, please tell me – even better, email me with the name and contact information of a lawyer or government employee that I can contact to confirm information.