January 24, 2020

How do I Report Social Security Fraud?

I frequently get questions from this blog about how to report Social Security disability fraud.  In the video below, I’ll set out exactly how to do that.  However, before filing a fraud report, remember that alleging fraud is a very serious matter.  If you report fraud to get back at an ex-spouse or someone you do not like, you could find yourself in trouble.  Further, remember that appearances can be deceiving.  Perhaps the person you suspect for fraud is engaged in a trial work period, or is working less than substantial gainful activity.

Real fraud is a problem and should be reported but, again, do not jump to conclusions.  Finally, if you find this video helpful, please help me publicize it by sharing on Google +, Twitter and/or Facebook.



Jonathan Ginsberg practices Social Security disability law in Atlanta, Georgia.  He represents clients in claims before the Social Security Administration.

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