October 17, 2019

Interview with Family Lawyer Monica Hanrahan Freitag – Part 1

This is part 1 of my interview with Monica Hanrahan Freitag, a domestic relations lawyer at the law firm of Hanrahan Freitag Family Law.  In part 1, Monica and I discuss how family law judges approach child support calculations and the special problems that arise when one or both parents are disabled.    How are child support payments adjusted?  How is the long delay in Social Security adjudication addressed?

Here are some of the links discussed in this interview:

Hanrahan Freitag Family Law firm site

Fulton County, Georgia Family Court forms

Pro se Family Law forms – courtesy of attorney Steve Worrall


Jonathan Ginsberg practices Social Security disability law in Atlanta, Georgia.  He represents clients in claims before the Social Security Administration.


  1. I found out the my ex husband just started getting SSDI in the state of Texas. I live in Wisconsin and my son is now 20. I am owed over 20K in arrers. My local office from day one is no help. I called and she said that they won’t take arrers from SSDI. Is that true and if so how can I go about getting what is owed to me?

  2. Theresa Furlong says

    I live in ny and my daughter’s father lives in indiana my daughter is now getting ssi for a learning disability she has. I can’t find any thing reguaiding if it count’s for childsupport, it say’s if the paying parent gets ssi it is not counted and the childsupport will be zero, does the same hold ture for the child who gets ssi as far as the custodial parent’s incone it would not be counted for my income or will it. thank you Theresa

  3. Debra Puanoni says

    I have more of a question than a comment. I recieve SSI and my ex husband has began to pay $100.00 per month in arrears child support. Both of my children are now adults. Will SSI take all or any of the extra $100.00 I get from arrears child support per month?

  4. My ex and I have 2 children, both under 18, he lives in Virginia and we live in Idaho.

    (I learned toward the end of our relationship that he had 6 other children and owes tens of thousands in arrears, he was a professional deadbeat, changing jobs every time child support caught up with him)
    When he was working he was ordered to pay $367 in child support and was behind by about $3000, he is disabled now and is now on Social Security Disability, our boys were getting $165 each per month from Social Security Auxiliary and also getting child support of $200 a month, then suddenly the child support stopped, I called and found out the payments were arrears and that he had paid them off and the boys would no longer receive any child support and that the Social Security was being credited as child support. How is it that a parent can become disabled and be freed from ever paying child support again as long as there is no past due balance? In essence the tax payers are paying his child support and he’s getting credit for it. How is that right? A dead beat parent can get out from under child support very easily and people wonder why social security won’t be around in 30 years. Is this the same for all states?

  5. @carol:

  6. @carol:

    it is true on the they will only take current child support if the child is a minor..but if your son is in college he can recieve CS till age 23 .as for arrears believe me they will get it but it will take awhile ..you may be able to file for auxiliary payments from ssdi if the child is still considered a minor or in college..check with your local ssi office they will have the information you need..on another note you can always take him back to court to have his wages garnished for back support

    hope this helped and good luck

  7. @Theresa Furlong:

    the same does not hold true for the child who gets ssi . hope this helps

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