October 17, 2019

Couple’s Joint Checking Account Drained for Old Out of State Support Order

Bounced checkI regularly warn  my clients that child support orders do not grow stale or disappear.  Even if the child did not live with the parent awarded custody, the obligation remains as long as the child support order remains in place.  If the custodial parent received welfare benefits, the state issuing those benefits may gain the right to collect from the non-custodial parent.

Here is a very disturbing report from a man who is facing financial ruin when his joint (with new wife) checking account was drained to pay an old and probably forgotten child support debt:

my checking account which receives both my ssdi & my new wife’s ssdi have been seized for the full amount of both our checks with no notification and leaves us with a negative $19,000 balance.  My bills are bouncing including my mortgage. We are trying to get an attorney but since we live in florida but the support order is from Mass. no one will take the case. The child is now 40 years old and did not live with the biological mother during the time period of this support, but all other payments were made. Please help us before we become one the homeless.


Jonathan Ginsberg practices Social Security disability law in Atlanta, Georgia.  He represents clients in claims before the Social Security Administration.


  1. P. Niswrinkles says

    Pal, you AND your wife are on disability? I fully understand people can become disabled, but you seem to forget, that child (or children)is also your child. You seem WAY more interested in you and your disabled wife than your own CHILD…You plea for help, before YOU and the wifey are homeless, you also have a MORTGAGE? Generally people drawing SSDI arent allowed to OWN didly..Might behoove you to think a little more about your children,get off your ass and supplement your SSDI, and pay your damn support like the rest of us do..When you child reaches 18, or finished college, then maybe you could resume caring more about your other head.. Sorry a s s hole, but I am an advocate of WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CHILD, not what is best for a lazy A$$ couple, worried about losing thier home,Disabled? If you can walk and talk, or sit and talk,,,you could find SOMETHING to do.. (if they pay support)

    I am a dad who has paid support religiously for 16 years. I worship my kids, have custdy one one of them, and it’s rough, life is a bitch. Also, you idiots who want the custodial parent to account for every cent? You should have thought about this when you had sex..you make me sick. Even if it is spent on a car payment, instead of new socks or diapers, what the F does it matter? The custodial parent having a car is DAMN sure a benifet for his/her children..

  2. P. Niswrinkles says

    P:S I re read your post. You say your child is 40? Were you disabled 30 years ago? Why didnt you pay then? I’ll also bet your a demoRAT..live off of other peoples money huh? What’s going to happen when we run out of “other” peoples money?

  3. TOMMY NEVELS says

    Hello P. Niswrinkles
    I am a republican and I don’t feel you care about anything but your own ideals. I had to work hrad all my life and educate myself before I became a republican. I thing the gentleman is right he needs to live and his ex-wife or 40 yr old son is the lazy BUTTS. Why didn’t she file contempt charges when he was younger and working. Why did she run away with the child ? I fought and won custody of two daughters so don’t think your Captain Hornblower.

    I didn’t care where the support went until i discovered my ex-wife was with a drug user and the money was going for his habit. Damn right the Child Support should be accounted for you IDIOT.
    different people have various situations so you can’t sit on your BIG republican BUTT and chastize anyone. So the next time you look into the mirror “Please tell me what a Butt looks like up close and personal.

    Also SSD is money he’s already earned you Idiot for working numerous years..What did you think he was paying for all those years taxi service…..YOUR A MORON

  4. P. Niswrinkles, I agree somewhat with Tommy Nevels you definitely are a moron. A judgmental one at that. Fist of all his new wife didn’t lay down and have the 40 year old child and should not be expected to pay his back child support. Secondly, you don’t know what happened as to why he quit paying child support, she could have moved and changed their names, she could have been on drugs and prostituting and the child be living with a relative. So unless you are God what right do you have to judge others motives?
    On top of that, at 40 she is most likely married with her own family and I feel no longer entitled to any child support nor is her mother. I also think any man who disputes the fact that the child may not be his biological child should have the right to a DNA test to prove or disprove his right to even pay for the child especially if the mother of the child was the neighborhood whore (like in a case I know about). Since DNA is available it should be allowed to dispute child support since the blood tests of old are useless in PROVING it..

  5. Wrinkles is bitter and mean.

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